July 26, 2021

In this article we are going to introduce some of top upcoming mobile phones

Xiaomi 12i

Xiaomi 12i
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • RAM: 12 GB, 16 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB
  • Display: Unknown
  • Camera: Triple Camera
  • Battery: 4,900 mAh

According to published information, this Xiaomi phone is scheduled to be officially introduced on January 5.

The 120-megapixel Mi 12 camera has artificial intelligence features and supports 5G network. This phone is the first Xiaomi product to be launched with a 120-megapixel ISOCELL HMX sensor, and maybe the HM2 sensor will be placed on it. This sensor was introduced by Samsung last September.

The Mi 12i will be equipped with the Snapdragon 750G chip used in the Mi 12T Lite.

The Xiaomi phone, which is likely to be based on the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G enamel, features a 6.67-inch IPR display with HDR10 and a 120Hz refresh rate. The battery of this phone is 4820 mAh, which comes with a 33 watt charger.

It is said that this phone is available in India. The price of Mi 12i has not been determined yet.

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Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • RAM: 12 GB, 16 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB
  • Display: Size 6.58 inches
  • Camera: 50-megapixel camera (five). Video quality 4K video recording at 60.60 frames per second, Full HD video recording at 30.60 frames per second, HD video recording at 960 frames per second; gyro-EIS
  • Battery: 4,200 mAh

When we talk about top upcoming mobile phones, the firs brand comes in mind is Huawei.

Huawei has recently focused a lot on upgrading its flagship handsets. As you know, this company introduces and launches two series of flagships every year. It is interesting to know that every year it has been able to offer more impressive specifications than other flagships in the market in order to attract more users around the world. In 2020, the flagship Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro will hit the market, still at the top of the Dexomark table. Now there are rumors about the next version of this series, the Huawei p50 pro. The online store of 19 goods below deals with some of the published specifications of this phone.

Regarding the specifications of the Huawei P50, in terms of the hardware of this Huawei phone, it should be said that it will most likely use the same chips that were used in the Huawei Mate 40. This is the Kirin 9000 chip which has brought a very good score for this phone. In terms of software for this flagship Huawei phone, it is still too early to say where Huawei’s policy and destiny will actually go. The Huawei P50 Pro is likely to be the first mobile phone to use Huawei’s proprietary ecosystem, or Harmony OS.

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iPhone 13

iPhone 13

iPhone as a top upcoming mobile phones?

As time goes on, the popularity of wireless devices is increasing, which suggests that the future of electronic devices is tied to being wireless. The dawn of the 5G era and the WiFi 6 standard means increasing the speed of data transfer to wireless and Internet methods.

Technology companies, even if they do not want to, have to go with the flow of water to avoid the risk of failure.

It seems that in the near future it will be possible to transfer huge amounts of data between devices without the need for Internet or wired connection.

Experts also say that in the not-too-distant future, new technologies will be added to chargers so that these devices can charge phones even remotely, something that, if true, wireless charging pads will go down in history.

At first glance, these professions may remind you of science fiction movies, but the truth is that years ago, moving towards a world with wireless products began and continued with strength.

New rumors say that Apple intends to take a serious step to reach a completely wireless world through its iPhones. News agencies have long cited Apple’s desire to build a portless iPhone; Recently, this issue has been raised again and it seems that we are not far from the introduction of the first iPhone without a port.

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iPhone 13 with no port?

According to new reports, the iPhone 12 will likely be one of the latest iPhones to be equipped with a port, which is rumored to be available for the upcoming fall.

Some people expected Apple to finally remove the Lightning port on the iPhone 12 and use USB-C, but new reports show that Cupertino residents are still insisting on using Lightning on iPhones, and the iPhone 12 is set to use the same port. . Based on this, it seems that Apple intends to rely on the Lightning port for at least another year. The company will probably make one of the iPhone 13 family phones without a port.

Fudge, a tech industry revealer, took to Twitter in early April to share designs for the final design of the iPhone 12, which caused a stir in cyberspace.

The leaked scheme showed that the iPhone 12 was supposed to have a smaller notch and be equipped with a LiDAR scanner on the back panel. The revealer recently claimed in a tweet that Apple used a USB-C port in one of the prototypes of the iPhone 12.

However, the people of Cupertino have finally decided not to take this prototype to the final stage and to abandon it altogether.

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